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nice drainage

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New County Online Map for Road Maintenance

Just in time for the snow season, Loudoun County has launched a new online tool to help residents and businesses determine the entity that is responsible for maintaining roads within the county, including snow removal and surface repairs. The interactive, searchable map provides users with a resource for navigating the complex maintenance responsibility system for the road network in the county. In addition, the map links to a webpage with contact information for the various entities to help residents report concerns about maintenance to the correct entity.

Users may search by a street address, view responsibility by color-coded system or click on a particular road and a pop-up box will appear indicating road maintenance responsibility. The responsibility for road maintenance in Loudoun County varies by road. Most roads are maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), one of the county’s incorporated towns, and private entities, such as homeowners associations (HOAs). This map will be updated on a monthly basis. A link to the map and contact information for the various entities involved in road maintenance in the county may be found on the Loudoun County website.

vdot on top

hey at least they tried to clean up after themselves… Continue reading vdot on top

drainage problem @302cgc

good thing it’s too deep to have frozen


The gravel leftover from the recent road resurfacing was finally swept up today. Thanx, VDOT!-)img_7826

Last winter’s accumulation of sand remains, however, along with windrifts of leaves & needles, anchoring weeds…img_img_img_