the last builder (11/28/2019) - taking over from gordon homes was jolamar, which built sections 3 & 4, lots 120-185. jolamar’s houses include one of the larger house models, a 5-window colonial, and maximised interior space using 2×3″ studs instead of 2x4s for partition walls…not sure if exterior walls were also 2x3s.
the second builder in cardinal glen (11/28/2019) - taking over from birchwood was gordon homes, which built section 2, lots 58-119; the model homes were the houses across blue jay ct from the bahai church, lots 5-8, with lots 1-4 also gordon’s. there are 4 different houseplans, but every house was unique in some way: our family room is on a slab, but … Continue reading the second builder in cardinal glen
Rename Rt 7 (7/22/2019) - Route 7 was named for the racist, avowed white supremacist and Senator Harry F. Byrd. Please vote in our poll:
should it stay or should it go?-/ (3/16/2019) - this morning i attended rich gillespie’s civilwar walking tour https://www.leesburgva.gov/Home/Components/Calendar/Event/28314/5633 and of course saw the statue in front of the loco courthouse <!–more–> gillespie noted that it was put up to honor the dead after 50 yrs, and that it was not needed to enforce jim crow, a black man having recently been lynched with … Continue reading should it stay or should it go?-/
veterans day on snl (11/11/2018) - wow! snl is back! apology accepted!-)
patriotism vs nationalism (11/1/2018) - patiotism is loving your country nationalism is hating the other countries – c de gaulle https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/charles_de_gaulle_111702
Our Entrance Median (5/15/2018) - As a part of a state-maintained street, our entrance median is maintained by VDOT…but as we can’t wait for them to get around to it, we have our contractor, Green Village Landscaping, mow the grass;-) And you may have noticed that only 2 of the original cherry trees that lined the media survive; the website’s … Continue reading Our Entrance Median
that octagon on common ground… (6/25/2017) - is very visible in dry conditions…