…posts relating to the history of Cardinal Glen and the surrounding area:

more HOA history… (7/19/2021) - continuing to mine our paper archives: past HOA boardmembers
what might have been;-) (7/13/2021) - past secretary jim babcock just dropped off a box of hoa records, including the other key to our p.o.box, along with a bunch of drawings…check this out from a 1976 survey: and westerley as originally proposed cut through our commonground @ the entrance;-p more plans
spring cleaning (3/15/2021) - A huge thanks to new boardmember Krista Donlon for power washing the front entrance walls yesterday. She did a wonderful job; the walls look great. Thank you, Krista!!! It does appear that the mortar will need re-pointing soon, though…btw, the white mortar visible on the western wall above comes from the repairs made when aContinue Reading
Nokes Mountain (9/5/2020) - Potomac View Road south of Rt 7 follows a ridge, also called Mirror Ridge for its use as a Civil War signalling station, now leads to Nokes Boulevard and Dulles Town Center. The ridge is called Nokes Mountain.
African American Burial Grounds in Loudoun (9/2/2020) - African American Burial Ground for the Enslaved at Belmont The cemetery of the enslaved at Belmont Plantation was rescued from the bulldozers at the southeast corner of the interchange of Rt 7 & Belmont Ridge Road. Sycolin Cemetery The preservation of the Sycolin Cemetery has been turned over to the Loudoun Freedom Center, as theContinue Reading
Miskel Farm (9/1/2020) - We live in a historic area: Mosby’s Rangers ruled the territory, abetted by local traitors such as the Miskel family, whose farm is just 3 miles from Cardinal Glen.
the last builder (11/28/2019) - taking over from gordon homes was jolamar, which built sections 3 & 4, lots 120-185, as well as lots 10-17 on wren ct & lots 18-20 on the circle, and lots 22-33 on red wing. jolamar’s house plans are named for presidents: the washington (one of the larger house models, a 5-window colonial), the jefferson,Continue Reading
the second builder in cardinal glen (11/28/2019) - taking over from national birchwood was gordon homes, which built section 2, lots 58-119; the model homes were the houses on the right side of blue jay ct, lots 5-8, with lots 1-4 also gordon’s. there are 4 different houseplans: the blair, the glendon, the fleming and the aberdeeen, but every house was unique inContinue Reading
Rename Rt 7 (7/22/2019) - Route 7 was named for the racist, avowed white supremacist and Senator Harry F. Byrd. Please vote in our poll:
should it stay or should it go?-/ (3/16/2019) - this morning i attended rich gillespie’s civilwar walking tour https://www.leesburgva.gov/Home/Components/Calendar/Event/28314/5633 and of course saw the statue in front of the loco courthouse <!–more–> gillespie noted that it was put up to honor the dead after 50 yrs, and that it was not needed to enforce jim crow, a black man having recently been lynched withContinue Reading
veterans day on snl (11/11/2018) - wow! snl is back! apology accepted!-)
patriotism vs nationalism (11/1/2018) - patriotism is loving your country nationalism is hating the other countries – c de gaulle https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/charles_de_gaulle_111702
Our Entrance Median (5/15/2018) - As a part of a state-maintained street, our entrance median is maintained by VDOT…but as we can’t wait for them to get around to it, we have our contractor, Green Village Landscaping, mow the grass;-) And you may have noticed that only 2 of the original cherry trees that lined the media survive; the website’sContinue Reading
that octagon on common ground… (6/25/2017) - is very visible in dry conditions…
cardinal glen’s first builder (6/10/2017) - the first developer in cardinal glen was national birchwood homes: the model homes were the first 4 houses on cgc facing the bahai church; those models can be seen on both sides of down cgc almost to coloma ct, comprising most of section 1, lots 34-57. the county originally wanted our street to go thruContinue Reading
definitely something there (5/1/2017) - looks octagonal, no? rt 7 used to be a tollroad…
another farewell… (11/29/2016) - After 23 years in the Glen, the Jeglums are leaving, too:-( They write:
FSBO-O (11/29/2016) - for sale by -original- owners! Farewell to Wayne and Bobbie Lee, who are retiring and moving south to be near the grandkids. 13 Coloma Ct 703-628-6697
Summer at the Entrance (6/6/2016) - Thanks to the hard work of the Grounds Committee and boardmember Mary Kipps, our entrance is in glorious bloom!-) And many mailboxes are resplendant!-) and has anybody noticed the roughly octagonal patch in the middle of the common ground at the entrance? notice the bands of bare red clay…is this the shadow of a structure?
diagonal, ia 3 degrees of separation (11/25/2015) - i was visiting good neighbor bob novak this morning, and we were commiserating the sad state of the world today;-} bob went on to reminisce about his hometown of diagonal, iowa…the only diagonal anywhere;-) and he mentioned his granddad, who was a hardware store clerk who personally waited on u.s.grant!