veterans day on snl (11/11/2018)- wow! snl is back! apology accepted!-)
patriotism vs nationalism (11/1/2018)- patiotism is loving your country nationalism is hating the other countries – c de gaulle https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/charles_de_gaulle_111702
Our Entrance Median (5/15/2018)- As a part of a state-maintained street, our entrance median is maintained by VDOT…but as we can’t wait for them to get around to it, we have our contractor, Green Village Landscaping, mow the grass;-) And you may have noticed that only 2 of the original cherry trees that lined the media survive; the website’s … Continue reading Our Entrance Median
that octagon on common ground… (6/25/2017)- is very visible in dry conditions…
cardinal glen’s first builder (6/10/2017)- the first developer in cardinal glen was birchwood homes: the model homes were the first 3 houses on cgc facing the bahai church; those models can be seen on both sides of down cgc almost to coloma ct. the county originally wanted our street to go thru to sugarland run…that would certainly have been better … Continue reading cardinal glen’s first builder
definitely something there (5/1/2017)- looks octagonal, no? rt 7 used to be a tollroad…
another farewell… (11/29/2016)- After 23 years in the Glen, the Jeglums are leaving, too:-( They write:
FSBO-O (11/29/2016)- for sale by -original- owners! Farewell to Wayne and Bobbie Lee, who are retiring and moving south to be near the grandkids. 13 Coloma Ct 703-628-6697
3 degrees of separation (11/25/2015)- i was visiting good neighbor bob novak this morning, and we were commiserating the sad state of the world today;-} bob went on to reminisce about his hometown of diagonal, iowa…the only diagonal anywhere;-) and he mentioned his granddad, who was a hardware store clerk that personally waited on u.s.grant! so there ya go: 3 … Continue reading 3 degrees of separation