Electronic Communications Consent

This Electronic Communications Consent (“Agreement”) applies to all communications related to your property located in the Cardinal Glen community (“The Property”) and subject to Cardinal Glen of Sterling Home Owners Association’s (“CGHOA”) Covenants and Bylaws as well as all accompanying services available through https://cardinalglen.org (the “Website”). This Agreement supplements and is to be construed in accordance with the terms of CGHOA disclosure package you received when you purchased The Property.

“We,” “us,” “our,” and “CGHOA” refer to Cardinal Glen of Sterling Home Owners Association represented by its duly elected Board of Directors. “You” and “your” refer to the owner of The Property consenting to this Agreement. “Communication(s)” means any agreements or amendments thereto; disclosures; notices; Dues Statements; and any other information related to The Property, including but not limited to information that, according to CGHOA Bylaws or governmental laws, we are required to provide you in writing.

  1. Communications To Be Provided In Electronic Form

    You agree that any Communications will be provided in electronic format and that paper Communications will not be sent; however, we reserve the right to provide a paper copy of any Communication. All Communications that we provide in electronic form is governed by Virginia Uniform Electronic Transactions Act § 59.1-479 and will be provided either by (1) E-mail, (2) access to the Website, or (3) mobile text messaging.

    All Communications, either in electronic or paper format, from us to you will be considered “in writing.” You can obtain a paper copy of an electronic Communication by printing it or by requesting that we mail a paper copy to you at no charge by emailing us at ecc@cardinalglen.org.

  2. Rights and Responsibilities

    1. You may withdraw this consent or update your information at any time on our Website, or by contacting us at ecc@cardinalglen.org; allow up to fourteen (14) calendar days for our systems to be updated, during which, you may still receive Communications in electronic format;
    2. You must provide us with a true, accurate and complete E-mail address, Mobile phone number, and any other information related to this Agreement. Further, it is your responsibility to maintain and promptly update any changes in this information;
    3. We are not responsible for any delay or failure in the receipt of the Communications if we send the Communications to the last E-mail address or phone number you provided to us.
  3. Hardware And Software Requirements

    In order to access, view and retain electronic Communications, you must have (1) access to the Internet through a device running an internet browser, (2) an active E-mail account, (3) Acrobat Reader or equivalent PDF reader, and (4) if opting for messaging, a Mobile phone with text messaging access. We may update these requirements as necessary and will notify you accordingly. You must keep your Hardware and Software compatible with our requirements to avoid any interruption in Communications.

Please to our database to electronically consent to electronic communications,
or download and sign this consent form and return it to CGHOA either by mail to our address:

Cardinal Glen of Sterling HOA
P.O.Box 972
Sterling, VA 20167

or scan the completed and signed form and attach it to an email addressed to ecc@cardinalglen.org