LoCo Car Registration Reminder

Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue Robert S. Wertz, Jr., wants to remind all residents of the requirement to register their vehicles.

Rename Rt 7

rt7Route 7 was named for the racist, avowed white supremacist and Senator Harry F. Byrd.

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Community Discount For Trash Service

Your HOA has negotiated a Community Discount with American Disposal for twice-weekly trash pickup (and once weekly recycling) good until this time next year:

$25.00 per month for 2x/week trash and 1x/week recycling services,
including fuel surcharges and any environmental fees.
New customers get 64-gallon trash and recycling bins.

This is an increase of $2.00 over last year’s rate. In order for new and existing residents to get this pricing, they should contact American Disposal on their website and state they are with the Cardinal Glen HOA and would like the Community rate. Or call their office Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm at 703-368-0500 and request the rate. For existing customers, rates will go into effect on their NEXT billing cycle.

Remember, if everyone signs up with American Disposal, only 1 trash truck will wake u up;-)

Power Outage

several neighbors from wren & blue jay courts have reported their power has been out since 6:40 this morning:

…1 dominion truck by the main entrance and 3 trucks near where Barnswallow meets the circle – working on a green box there.
…The power is scheduled to be back on between 11-2 pm


our polling place is

65 Sugarland Run Dr
Sterling, VA 20164

democracy should be easier to participate in...citizens shouldn't have to be wealthy enough to take time off from work to vote!


in loco today!

i was surprised there wasn’t more visible security…guess the new dominion is friendly territory;-)

roadkill shrine:-\

VDOT promptly removed it (the deer; the shrine remains)