Check Your DoorCams For This Car!

stolenSRTOur neighbors at 319 CGC had their white 2022 Dodge Durango SRT stolen from their driveway overnight Feb 6 into the early morning hours of Feb 7. A report was made by Loudoun County Sheriff’s Deputy Roccasanta.

If any good neighbor spots it on their surveillance cameras, or any unusual activity beginning Friday Feb 3 (-before it gets overwritten!-), it would be most appreciated!

Please log in for contact info…, and please contact Deputy Roccasanta @ 571-541-7725 about any video you might have on case #S0230002545

2 strays this morning

a pitbull leading a dark collie-ish buddy-beta…

…came in from richland (ex;-)forest…


my critterCam caught them

Dog running at large (non-current) – dog roaming off leash, without its owner was reported this morning to pix here

CritterCam Caught a Hawk…

flying low…

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2023 Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting is scheduled for 24 January, online via Zoom, when we will hold elections for Board members whose terms expire, and update members on our activities.

As we did last year, we will be holding it online on Zoom. Please vote in our polls before the meeting:

These polls will be open until the annual meeting.
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Welcome, New Neighbor at 205 Cardinal Glen Cir!

Please log in to meet our newest neighbors