Save the Date! April 27th – 6pm – online

Sterling District Supervisor Koran T. Saines is hosting a Virtual Sanitation Services Community Meeting… Continue reading Save the Date! April 27th – 6pm – online

another cardinal Glen;–)

adjacent actually: seneca chase/samantha ;-)

Welcome, New Neighbors!

Please welcome our newest neighbors, Rebecca & James McCord at 15 Coloma Court.

motorbikes prohibited on common ground

since february, kids have been riding their motorbikes on common ground, leaving ruts that will collect water for mosquito-breeding puddles and causing problems for our mowing contractor.

the board had passed a bylaw prohibiting motor vehicles on common ground in the wake of the incident on parcel J 2 years ago, and recently installed signs to that effect at 2 locations, 1 of which has been stolen.

spring cleaning

A huge thanks to new boardmember Krista Donlon for power washing the front entrance walls yesterday. She did a wonderful job; the walls look great.

Thank you, Krista!!!

It does appear that the mortar will need re-pointing soon, though…btw, the white mortar visible on the western wall above comes from the repairs made when a drunk driver careened up sterling blvd & flew into it, knocking out the entire center section.