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major wind damage

a 35 y.o. pine tree is lying on the roof of 111cgc,

and the back of the lynners’ roof is in their front yard:-(


amazingly (besides getting it cut up & hauled away yesterday!-) there appears to be no major damage to 11cgc! can i rub ur head 4 luck?-)

but the street sign @ cgc & Wren Ct is down,
but only because of corrosion:

windblown trash problem

the recent extreme winds have toppled garbage cans and sent loose trash…including personal medical records…flying around the neighborhood:-/

some erstwhile good samaritan has been collecting it, but unfortunately has been depositing it at 200cgc, whose owner is understandably miffed…this has happened 3 times already!

please be a good neighbor and bag your trash before putting it in the can.

a hoarfrosty morning indeed

5 above…

Sidewalks Must Be Shoveled

Remember that county law requires sidewalks to be shoveled before 12:00 noon following the night in which the snow or ice, or combination thereof, has fallen….this good neighbor is on top of it!
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last night’s weather…

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