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Our Entrance Median

As a part of a state-maintained street, our entrance median is maintained by VDOT…but as we can’t wait for them to get around to it, we have our contractor, Green Village Landscaping, mow the grass;-)

And you may have noticed that only 2 of the original cherry trees that lined the media survive; the website’s header image dates from 2002, but was taken before that;-} Most of them succumbed to root rot, due to piling mulch around the trunks, but the one on the inside end was mowed down when a car jumped the curb:-{ i have some pix somewhere;-}

307 cgc on the market!

307 cgc307 cgc

214 cgc on the market!

214 cgc214 cgc

8 blackbird ct on the market!

8 blackbird8 blackbird

14 red wing under contract!

14 red wing under contract14 red wing under contract