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doggie doo NOTS!-{

[39° 1′ 27.96″ N 77° 22′ 52.91″ W]
[39° 1′ 27.96″ N 77° 22′ 52.91″ W]
once again dog walkers have allowed their pets to leave unsavory & unsanitary (not to mention illegal)-: calling cards on our sidewalks:-(
[39° 1′ 27.96″ N 77° 22′ 52.91″ W]

and while this perp is to be commended for bagging it,

[39° 1′ 27.96″ N 77° 22′ 52.91″ W]
it’s NOT OK to deposit it under a neighbor’s car!-\

common ground ruttage

with the recent rains, our common ground has been rutted by heavy bicycle traffic

and our contractor’s mowers

our neighborhood hawk

seen here a month ago, swooping low over cgc toward common ground parcel F

Bahá’í Events Scheduled

Our good neighbors at the Bahá’í Center are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of their founder, Bahá’u’lláh, and having an Open House.
download flyer

knee-hi 2 an elephant’s eye

knee-hi 2 an elephant's eye by the end of july!by the end of july!