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2strays this morning

a pitbull leading a dark collie-ish buddy-beta…
…they came in from richland(ex;-)forest

my critterCam caught them


i reported Dog running at large (non-current) – dog roaming off leash, without its owner, this morning to pix here

IMG 4695

8 pointer & friend

202-204cgc into parcel F

our little free library is open!

our little free library
Thanks to Nicole & Ryan Ross for installing our LFL charter #155425 on common ground parcel J!

where should we put our Little Free Library?

Our Little Free Library box arrived this week, and after it gets polyurethaned, we will install it…but where?
LFL locations

it will be put on common ground, naturally, and should probably be next to a sidewalk, which leaves 3 locations…please vote for one of these, or suggest your own location:…Continue Reading


along gerda’s sidewalk:-) siri sez