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restoring our entrance median

sometime in october, meadows farms will be planting new cherry trees…

IMG 2133

returning the median to how it looked 30 years ago…our website header image:-)

lonely lily:-}

at the entrance

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Parcel F project complete!

The Parcel F storm water management project is finally finished! The County planted the last two trees in there today and took down the black fencing. That’s one parcel down and two to go for County storm water management!

IMG 7846

kudos to our president Mary Kipps & the landscaping committee for spearheading this!

IMG 7845

downed tree in parcel B

high winds sunday brought it down, blocking the stream as well as the mowed area…


…to new boardmember Nicole Ross ( & hubby Ryan;-) for mowing our entrance median!

our mowing contractor has been notified, so hopefully this won’t happen in the future.