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Entrance Median Restoration

Our website’s header image shows how beautiful it was with a line of cherry trees in full blossom. Sadly, over the years disease & accidents have reduced them to two. The board is considering replanting the median, and would like your opinion on what to put in.

Please take our poll, and feel free to add your suggestions.

What kind of trees would you like to see planted in our entrance median?
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parcel d landscaping

barb says all the low branches in the front common ground should b pruned, otherwise the mowers will continue to break them:

that would also eliminate secluded areas, a safety issue. otoh, it would also open sightlines to route 7, increasing noise for the first line of houses…what do you think? please take our poll:

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Parcel J Rehab

The ruts cut by a neighbor off his meds, as well as nearly a foot of sediment filling the culvert, were restored & reseeded last month.

Our contractor, Allan Hawkins, did a great job!

Common Ground Drainage Problems Mean Mosquito-Breeding Ponds

As can be seen in this image form Parcel K, there is a pipe under the gasline berm along Rt7 that has collapsed, which is causing erosion & standing water:-\
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