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entrance lights painted

the board would like to thank our good neighbors Nicole & Ryan Ross, supervising the service project of Alyssa Hassan for the great job painting our entrance lanterns; they were looking rather shabby after almost 40 years in the weather;-)

Thank You, Good Neighbors!

…to the Browns, the Kims, parcels F (foreground) & H (background)

the Vago-Crowells and the Rosses for mowing the strips of common ground adjacent to their properties.


…to new boardmember Nicole Ross ( & hubby Ryan;-) for mowing our entrance median!

our mowing contractor has been notified, so hopefully this won’t happen in the future.

spring cleaning

A huge thanks to new boardmember Krista Donlon for power washing the front entrance walls yesterday. She did a wonderful job; the walls look great.

Thank you, Krista!!!

It does appear that the mortar will need re-pointing soon, though…btw, the white mortar visible on the western wall above comes from the repairs made when a drunk driver careened up sterling blvd & flew into it, knocking out the entire center section.

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