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parcel B rehab follow-up work

the county will be fixing the issues on parcel B as soon as the area dries out:

“There is still a low area to address along the upper reach of the channel, as shown in red on the attachment, which was also observed during a follow-up review of the completed work. To access the previously mentioned low area for future repair work, the County would like to go between the 2 and 3 Redwing Ct. residences to bring in additional matting and soil materials by foot and wheelbarrow, respectively, which would eliminate the need for having to drive heavier equipment along the length of the channel from the original Cardinal Glen Cir. entrance.

“When the Public Works crew determines that site conditions are good for repairing the low area within the channel, the residents will be notified.”

parcel B rehab underway

loudoun county stormwater management was finally able to began work on the parcel B swale after their initial survey on januaryparcel B swale

parcel B swale

parcel B project underway?

Loudoun county senior stormwater engineer and crew surveyed the site this morning…

next step is the job description…more on the problem here.
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Storm Water Remediation of Parcel B to Begin Soon…

After several years of working with Loudoun County, we are pleased to announce a resolution to control storm water runoff from the Baha’i Center running into parcelBrehab parcel B of our common ground, down the swale between the circle and Red Wing Ct. to the stream between parcel B and Coloma Court.
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parcel B herd:-)