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217cgc progress

2 piles down…
Using the county’s Loudoun Express Request system, the HOA filed a complaint, and the county notified the homeowner of the issue.

but there’s still 1 to go…

HOA members can follow the issue in our database.

cardinal glen’s first builder

the first developer in cardinal glen was birchwood homes: the model homes were the first 3 houses on cgc facing the bahai church; those models can be seen on both sides of down cgc almost to coloma ct. the county originally wanted our street to go thru to sugarland run…that would certainly have been better for traffic, but not for cardinal glen as a great neighborhood;-)

luckily for us, the property behind us was not for sale…it was a farm occupied by renters who were very nice people who had moved out to the country to escape the big city, and whose son was the subject of a police pursuit, complete with helicopter, after he knocked off a 7-11 in fairfax & ran home to momma memorial day w/e 1984…so the builder petitioned to county to allow a circle, and the rest is history;-)

there is also a story that building was suspended when graves were found…and a resident of red wing ct says he saw a bright glow over the stream one night, and has pictures to prove it…somewhere;-)

Upcoming Eastern Loudoun Sheriff’s Office Quarterly Meeting

Suzanne Volpe, Supervisor in our Algonkian District, urges us to attend this meeting.
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new sterling library now open!

The new Sterling Library is now open,

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Budget Town Hall Tomorrow

Supervisor Suzanne Volpe is hosting a Budget Town Hall on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Cascades Senior Center located at 21060 Whitfield Place in Sterling. The County Administrator, Tim Hemstreet, will provide a brief overview of the proposed budget and assist in answering questions from the audience. This is a great opportunity for residents to learn more about the annual budget process as well. You may also submit any questions directly to her office at We will diligently work to provide answers as quickly as possible.