Storm Water Remediation of Parcel B to Begin Soon…

After several years of working with Loudoun County, we are pleased to announce a resolution to control storm water runoff from the Baha’i Center running into parcelBrehab parcel B of our common ground, down the swale between the circle and Red Wing Ct. to the stream between parcel B and Coloma Court.

Reconstruction of the existing grass and rip-rap channel is finally scheduled to take place before the end of December 2023. This reconstruction will remediate, at no expense to Cardinal Glen homeowners, a longstanding problem our development has had with standing water and erosion in this section of Parcel B.parcel B erosion

As can be seen in this image, several gullies have developed, spaced not coincidentally the width of a mower’s drive wheels. threatening to cut off access upstream.

Unavoidably, this reconstruction will involve the use of heavy machinery, disturbance of the common ground lot between #118 and #120 Cardinal Glen Circle, and loud noise during weekday daytime hours for approximately 7 days from the date of reconstruction commencement. Days may not be consecutive due to inclement weather/unfavorable site conditions.

Reconstruction of the channel will consist of:

  • Pruning of bushes/tree limbs overhanging and/or preventing access into and through the Parcel B entrance between #118 and #120 Cardinal Glen Circle.
  • Removal of accumulated soil and encroaching vegetation (i.e., brush, bushes, and, if necessary, some trees) at and immediately downstream of the drainpipe outlet located behind #510/512 Cardinal Glen Circle. Any vegetation requiring removal will not be replaced.
  • Regrading out from the drainpipe outlet to establish positive drainage and eliminate pockets of standing water.
  • Repair/regrading of eroded areas located at various locations along the channel running between #2 through #7 Red Wing Court, and the even numbered lots between 102-118 Cardinal Glen Circle.
  • Bush pruning/removal immediately adjacent to and/or intruding into eroded areas.
  • Pruning of tree limbs overhanging and/or intruding into eroded areas.
  • Removal of vegetation and resetting of the rip-rap located at the end of the channel behind #116 Cardinal Glen Circle.
  • Removal of vegetation in the vicinity of the stream drainpipe inlet located behind #118 Cardinal Glen Circle.
  • Once reconstruction has been completed, the county will reseed and lay down straw on all disturbed grassy areas.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while this vital work takes place. As soon as Loudoun County informs us of the start date for this work, we will post it here and on our Facebook page.

– The Cardinal Glen of Sterling HOA Board

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