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Our Entrance Median

As a part of a state-maintained street, our entrance median is maintained by VDOT…but as we can’t wait for them to get around to it, we have our contractor, Green Village Landscaping, mow the grass;-)

And you may have noticed that only 2 of the original cherry trees that lined the media survive; the website’s header image dates from 2002, but was taken before that;-} Most of them succumbed to root rot, due to piling mulch around the trunks, but the one on the inside end was mowed down when a car jumped the curb:-{ i have some pix somewhere;-}

spring arrives

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entrance, lights

the evergreen that’s covering the western-most light is itself getting covered with vines. it should come out, giving the 2 other trees more room

and the F light i replaced just before the rain hit is missing a pane…amazing how many bugs weren’t kept out;-)

that octagon on common ground…

is very visible in dry conditions… Continue reading that octagon on common ground…

entrance plantings enhanced

grounds committee mary kipps reports on new plantings this week…

so what’s new, mary?