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one down, 1 2 go;-)
vdot’s replaced the street signs on rt7 aka leesburg pike, reversing the civil-rights-era renaming to honor a notorious segregationist:-)

more HOA history…

continuing to mine our paper archives: past HOA boardmembers

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what might have been;-)

past secretary jim babcock just dropped off a box of hoa records, including the other key to our, along with a bunch of drawings…check this out from a 1976 survey:

and westerley as originally proposed
cut through our commonground @ the entrance;-p

more plans

spring cleaning

A huge thanks to new boardmember Krista Donlon for power washing the front entrance walls yesterday. She did a wonderful job; the walls look great.

Thank you, Krista!!!

It does appear that the mortar will need re-pointing soon, though…btw, the white mortar visible on the western wall above comes from the repairs made when a drunk driver careened up sterling blvd & flew into it, knocking out the entire center section.

Nokes Mountain

Potomac View Road south of Rt 7 follows a ridge, also called Mirror Ridge for its use as a Civil War signalling station, now leads to Nokes Boulevard and Dulles Town Center.

The ridge is called Nokes Mountain. …continue reading