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westbound traffic rt7@cgc

wonder if the coming pedestrian path will follow the traffic;-)

entrance lights

u may have noticed our entrance lights have been burning 24/7…
i checked the box this pm: 2 breakers, 2 sensors
right 1 is lights&outlet box
not sure what left 1 is for, but when right 1 is off there’s 12v at outlet neither gfi outlet works

not surprizingly: it’s full of ants;-/

Annual Meeting Discussion Topics

What issues would you like to hear about at our upcoming annual meeting?

For example, Continue reading Annual Meeting Discussion Topics

Little Free Library box proposed

The board is considering purchasing one of these boxes to be placed on common ground near the entrance…what do you think? Continue reading Little Free Library box proposed

parcel d landscaping

barb says all the low branches in the front common ground should b pruned, otherwise the mowers will continue to break them:

that would also eliminate secluded areas, a safety issue. otoh, it would also open sightlines to route 7, increasing noise for the first line of houses…what do you think? please take our poll:

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