common ground ruttage

with the recent rains, our common ground has been rutted by heavy bicycle traffic

and our contractor’s mowers

major wind damage

a 35 y.o. pine tree is lying on the roof of 111cgc,

and the back of the lynners’ roof is in their front yard:-(


amazingly (besides getting it cut up & hauled away yesterday!-) there appears to be no major damage to 11cgc! can i rub ur head 4 luck?-)

but the street sign @ cgc & Wren Ct is down,
but only because of corrosion:

our neighborhood hawk

seen here a month ago, swooping low over cgc toward common ground parcel F

300-302cgc sidewalk drainage

fortunately this continuing problem hadn’t frozen completely over…

brushfire on rt7 last nite

around 7pm, 2 patches on the shoulder of westbound rt7 just past the bahais burned, but were quickly extinguished