Welcome, New Neighbors at 14 Coloma Ct!

Please log in to meet our newest neighbors, who just purchased the Whites’ house.


jane’s ok…

but bob would appreciate a call later…please log in for bob’s contact info…

jim's irises

another original owner passes

the HOA was saddened to learn that Jim Studzinski died July 8th. …continue reading

Which trash service do you use?

there are a number of trash companies servicing our neighborhood, with trucks roaring thru the streets almost every day…unfortunately our HOA isn’t empowered to provide trash pickup, and our deal with American expired several years ago.

so for the benefit of your neighbors, both old and new, please share your experiences with your trash service here:…continue reading

IMG 6977

itchy fox

or is he scratchy;-) on common ground at the entrance…continue reading