the second builder in cardinal glen

taking over from national birchwood was gordon homes, which built section 2, cardinal glen section & common ground map lots 58-119; the model homes were the houses on the right side of blue jay ct, lots 5-8, with lots 1-4 also gordon’s.

there are 4 different houseplans: the blair, the glendon, the fleming and the aberdeeen, but every house was unique in some way.

the blair has a bedroom above & family room behind the garage…the bedroom is notorious for poor a/c…and early flemings has a smaller family room between kitchen & garage, subsequently enlarged. the aberdeen is a split-entry.

early glendons’ family rooms, between the main part of the house & garage, are on a slab, but in the same model further around the circle it’s over a crawlspace. switches are on different sides of doorways & rooms. plumbing…don’t get me started;-} suffice it to say that almost ever gordon home has had the street supply line replaced, and remember that issue with pinhole leaks in copper piping? yup, been there, replaced that;-}

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