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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE from Our Algonkian District Supervisor

RECEIVE TEXT UPDATES ON CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Text LCCOVID19 to 888777 Loudoun County VIRGINIADear Constituents,

Just now, Chair Phyllis Randall led a press conference to update the County on steps being taken to ensure the safety of residents as we deal with this situation. If you missed the press conference you can find it on the county’s website at and on the Loudoun County Government’s page on Facebook.

Many of you may have heard that the County Health Department announced that a third resident of Loudoun County has tested “presumptive positive” for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). This individual is a male in his 30s who lives in Loudoun County. The Health Department is currently investigating the potential source of this person’s infection. The individual is being treated at a hospital in Loudoun County.
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Street Sweeping Starts!

Our County Supervisor Koran Saines advises that the Virginia Department of Transportation began conducting street sweeping this morning, and will continue throughout the next few weeks.

Areas subject to sweeping will have “No Parking” signs: The “No Parking” signs will be posted a week prior to sweeping.

Please ensure that you car is not on a street scheduled for cleaning during the specified time. Vehicles that remain on streets during sweeping periods will be towed.

Any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact him at or by calling 703-777-0204.

Dues Past Due

as of today, there are 30 properties still unpaid:

AccountID    balance
123          $707.13
158          $590.57
178          $281.02
53           $281.02
147          $137.70
175          $137.70
141          $135
114          $135
144          $135
145          $135
83           $135
121          $135
176          $135
181          $135
5            $135
160          $135
7            $135
164          $135
38           $135
168          $135
40           $135
34           $135
37           $135
127          $135
60           $135
27           $135
128          $135
111          $135
25           $135
137          $126.84

Please pay at once; note that any outstanding balance will be collected at closing should you sell.

Northern Gate Hotel Rezoning Hearing 24 July 6pm

Northern Gate Hotel is applying for rezoning @ the Planning Commission Public Hearing on Tuesday, July 24 @ 6pm, at the Loudoun County Government Center, First Floor, 1 Harrison Street, S.E., Leesburg.

Preventing Water Pollution

Loudoun County lies within the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Land use, agricultural activities, and stormwater pollution in Loudoun County affect the health of the Bay.

The county has put out several flyers on how we can all help:
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