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our polling place is

65 Sugarland Run Dr
Sterling, VA 20164

democracy should be easier to participate in...citizens shouldn't have to be wealthy enough to take time off from work to vote!

Drop off your proxies here

if you can’t make next sunday’s annual hoa meeting, please send in your signed proxy so we can have a quorum!
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veterans day on snl

wow! snl is back!

apology accepted!-)

democracy in action!

Over 150 concerned citizens of all ages turned out at sunset outside ex-Congresswoman Comstock’s office on rt 7 to demand the mueller investigation be protected from anti-constitutional interference. Rush hour traffic honked their support.


and Rachel Maddow/MSNBC mentioned us on “rural Route 7” at the top of her broadcast last nite…that’s me holding holding t & e;-)

patriotism vs nationalism

patiotism is loving your country

nationalism is hating the other countries

– c de gaulle