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After The Deluge

the parcel B swale was full after heavy rain yesterday… Continue reading After The Deluge

Swale not so swell

The recent downpours have brought more erosion in the drainage swale that runs between the Circle & Red Wing Ct. A neighbor reports that heavy mowers have left ruts, but nothing will prevent this erosion except a bio-swale.
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Stormwater Drainage

Several of our neighbors on Cardinal Glen Circle who back onto common ground parcel F have problems with flooded yards & basements. Continue reading Stormwater Drainage

purdy cullers

…if they weren’t due to motor oil on its way to the river and bay:-(

YAD: yet another deluge

Last Friday we got 2.5 inches, most of it before 6pm, which made for some wet backyards.

and this is the stormwater from barnswallow ct coming out of common ground parcel F, which is where this guy was.