Stormwater Drainage

Several of our neighbors on Cardinal Glen Circle who back onto common ground parcel F have problems with flooded yards & basements.

Some time ago, the HOA diverted & regraded the stormwater drainage swale that runs from Barns wallow Ct through parcel F. While a berm may need to be raised in the future, the swale has not overflowed since the regrading.

The problems our neighbors are having are caused by their improperly graded flat backyards and drainspouts emptying into their backyards. Grading should direct water _away_ from the foundation, and downspouts should be routed to the front of the house.

And then there’s the situation between 300 & 302 cgc: looking east from 302cgc toward 300cgcStormwater from both houses as well as part of Barns wallow runs over the sidewalk on its way to the drain. Not only is it unsightly, in the winter it’s a sheet of ice:-( The HOA has opened a request with VDOT to address this issue.

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