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the effects of 1″ of rain in 1/2hr:-/

overflow @ the parcel F project;-\

parcel F project underway

and they brought their own facilities:-)

tree across parcel B swale

behind 5 Red Wing…second pine down this year:-\

Parcel F Stormwater Runoff Project To Start 9Aug

After 3 years of working with Loudoun County on a resolution to control storm water runoff from Barnswallow Ct through Parcel F, reconstruction of the existing dirt channel is finally set to begin August 9th, 2021. This reconstruction will remediate, at no expense to Cardinal Glen homeowners, a longstanding problem our neighborhood has had with flooding and erosion in Parcel F. In addition, Loudoun County will assume responsibility for channel maintenance from the culvert behind 13 Barnswallow Ct to the culvert between 18 Coloma Ct and 200 Cardinal Glen Cir. (i.e. the entire length of the channel).
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Thank You, Good Neighbors!

…to the Browns, the Kims, parcels F (foreground) & H (background)

the Vago-Crowells and the Rosses for mowing the strips of common ground adjacent to their properties.