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sterling to tysons!!!

this guy commutes from mirror ridge to tysons along rt 7, solar-boosted…even his home recharger is solar!-)

heavy traffic;-)

on rt 7 @ our light:-) Continue reading heavy traffic;-)

On The Circle

Local color on the circle… …and on the boulevard.

burnt ends lakeside

Pauly’s Rib Shack has the best!-) Cascades farmers market is just over the hill from cardinal glen thru the community college;-)

Long Distance Rider…

IMG_6774This lady from shanghai had navigated by bike-trail map from arlington out the w&od, up sterling blvd & into cardinal glen, looking for a way up to the river, which she wanted to cross so she ride down the c&o trail back to arlington…I showed her the way up to white’s ferry…that’s at least 40 miles, quite a day trip;-)