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entrance lights painted

the board would like to thank our good neighbors Nicole & Ryan Ross, supervising the service project of Alyssa Hassan for the great job painting our entrance lanterns; they were looking rather shabby after almost 40 years in the weather;-)

motorbikes prohibited on common ground

since february, kids have been riding their motorbikes on common ground, leaving ruts that will collect water for mosquito-breeding puddles and causing problems for our mowing contractor.

the board had passed a bylaw prohibiting motor vehicles on common ground in the wake of the incident on parcel J 2 years ago, and recently installed signs to that effect at 2 locations, 1 of which has been stolen.

Entrance Median Restoration

Our website’s header image shows how beautiful it was with a line of cherry trees in full blossom. Sadly, over the years disease & accidents have reduced them to two. The board is considering replanting the median, and would like your opinion on what to put in.

Please take our poll, and feel free to add your suggestions.

What kind of trees would you like to see planted in our entrance median?
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annual meeting has been suspended

today’s virtual annual meeting went well, despite a few technical glitches with the sound. 30 homeowners logged in, so with only 60 proxies we fell short of a quorum:-\ the meeting was suspended until we can collect just 21 .
and if you haven’t already, please for our new boardmembers.

our annual meeting is TODAY!!!!

we need a quorum to hold elections!

HOA President Ceci Futrell and Treasurer Tom Wible will be canvassing the neighborhood for proxies…if we don’t get a quorum, we will have to postpose the meeting & send out notification _again_ at a cost of over $200, not including the time spent stuffing & stamping envelopes:-\

or please

and do to make sure your computer is properly set up.

The meeting link will go live at 2:45pm.