Thanx, VDOT!-\

While it’s great to see our tax dollars at work, yesterday’s repaving caught many residents by surprise:-( Some folks had received notice, via doorhanger, but quite a few missed it. At the very least, signs should have been posted at the entrance…

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so how did u find out about the repaving?

One thought on “Thanx, VDOT!-\

  1. Terry Bell from Cardinal Glen · 1h ago

    I have noticed that the part of Cardinal Glen that I drive on hasn’t had any patch work done, thus I think that VDOT was mainly focusing on the cul-de-sacs. VDOT signs are still at the front entrance by are face down which tells me the crew will be back.

    Thus, maybe it was only the residents who lived on cul-de-sacs that had first received the door hanger flyers about the paving.

    I don’t mind the rough surface, better traction on icy days, but harder to sweep clean.

    that explains it, terry, thanx:-) but the only street sweeping we’ve had since the last winter’s sand deposits has been this summer’s monsoons;-)