Illegal Firearm Discharge

During our common ground work on June 20, 2016, several dead squirrels were found in the wooded area between Coloma Court and Red Wing Court. Examination showed that these animals had been deliberately killed with some sort of air / pellet gun. This is a cause for great concern because not only do we not want our wildlife harmed, but children do occasionally play in these woods and many people walk their dogs in our common ground areas.

The sheriff’s office has been notified and called out. They confirmed that discharging ANY type of firearm in a residential area, including on common ground, is ILLEGAL, and that doing so and especially killing wildlife is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Please help up keep a lookout and stop this! If you see anyone shooting any type of weapon, even an air gun, or carrying such a weapon on the common ground, do not confront them but call the sheriff’s office immediately at 703-777-1021. Once the sheriff knows the individual or specific house the shots are coming from, they have assured us they will take swift action.

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