HOA Trash Contract == Fewer Trash Trucks!

The HOA Board of Directors is investigating the possibility and value of having a single company pick up all the trash in Cardinal Glen. Many other HOAs do this and the thought of reducing the number of trucks cruising through our neighborhood is attractive. It could also reduce costs but most of the particulars have yet to be discovered. Such as, do we add the costs to the Dues and the HOA assumes the task of paying the trash company or is there some way each homeowner can pay their apart of the bill directly? There’s a LOT to learn!

I drove around this morning and noticed that most use American, a lot have AAA/Republic, and I noticed one or two others. But it also seems that some don’t have any trash pickup since I didn’t see any containers at some homes. So I expect that this idea may have some who have different thoughts about it and that’s OK. We haven’t made any decisions yet and are looking to gather your opinions. So please sound off! I’ve invited American, AAA, and Waste Management to send quotes and descriptions of their services but if you have a favorite company you like, let me know and we’ll get them involved.

In the end, it may turn out that the status quo is the best alternative and we’ll do nothing to change the way we do business right now. But…nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Bob Bassett, HOA President