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Happy Thanksgiving!

From our commonground maintenance contractor

This is the time of year for sharing what you´re thankful for. And our customers are at the top of our list.
— Dennis @ green village landscaping


in loco today!

i was surprised there wasn’t more visible security…guess the new dominion is friendly territory;-)

the decline of literacy

in this mornings local news about the california fires

no, winds FAN fires

Back-to-School Supply Drive Announced

Loudoun County Public Schools students will return to school on Thursday, August 22, 2019. A new school year involves back-to-school costs, which can be challenging even for families not already struggling financially, and for families that do struggle financially, these costs can be crippling.

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who wants to keep bees?

Register as a beekeeper with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and get 3 free beehives!!!*
* bees & equipment not included;-)

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