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ruts roo ray? sez astro;-)

the soggy common ground succumbed to the mowers:-(
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tonite’s fireworks…

sounded like they came from samantha drive…i’ve seem lotsa dont tread on me plates there, lotsa patriots;-) i couldn’t see anything sittting on my back porch watching the firefies, but they were mostly crisp, loud percusssion chrges, and i enjoyed listening to the echoes slapping back against nova, csacades, every street of houses out to broad run, fading across the horizon, until the next celebrant lights off his round;-)

wonder if miskel farm sounded like that…or aleppo now;-\

112 cgc clutter

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Community YARD SALE 22April

Good neighbor Ceci Futrell has organized a neighborhood-wide yard sale for April 22 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.
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proud to live in the NEW dominion!-)

Va. mosque sees outpouring of support as state fights Trump travel ban

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