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Good neighbor Mike White reports that Loudoun County is proposing to limit our intersection to right turns only. We would only be able to enter the neighborhood from westbound 7 (right in), and could only leave the neighborhood going west on 7 (right out). Entering the neighborhood from eastbound 7 would require a u-turn at another intersection…read the details here in the 2040 Route 7 Corridor Study.

We strongly encourage everyone to contact the county board of supervisors to make your opinion heard. This will be a major topic of discussion at our next board meeting! All homeowners are encouraged to attend virtually.

If you would like to join our Rt7study mailing list, please visit, or just send email to to be added to the list.

4 thoughts on “TAKE ACTION on Rt7 NOW!

  1. I would need further details and definitions before I can fully assess the proposal, but from the little information provided it appears that safe and efficient access to and from CG has been sacrificed for the perceived greater good.

    First, they are calling ours a T intersection, which it is not, so the “Green-T” concept only applies to northbound cars on Sterling Blvd. turning right or left onto Rte. 7. They have ignored the fact that it is not a T intersection. Apparently, the Cardinal Glen residents are an inconvenient annoyance.

    Second, the removal of lights between Countryside and Leesburg works because you don’t have neighborhoods directly emptying onto Rte. 7, with the exception of the right turn onto westbound 7 from Broad Run. This area was laid out completely differently, with Cardinal Glen being the primary example. How feasible and safe is it going to be to make the right turn only from CG to merge onto 7 westbound traffic during the evening rush, or other high traffic days? Where will we make the U-turn to go eastbound? At Potomac View? How will that work with the “center turn overpass?” Traffic will be moving faster than it does now, once some lights are removed- witness the high speeds now between Countryside and Leesburg. And try merging with a car just getting warmed up in cold weather. I would beef up your car insurance coverage.

    Third, looks like getting into CG from Sterling Blvd, currently our only alternate access, will be a thing of the past, again without risking life and limb by merging onto 7 and making a U-turn in traffic.

    The diagram shows a new road constructed in the back of CG, apparently to give us another means of accessing the neighborhood when it’s impossible or ill advised to try to ingress/egress via Rte. 7. Whose property will that road displace?

    Finally, Saines saying this will improve property values in our neighborhood is simply ludicrous.

    1. sorry, i just saw your comments…

      0: complete details are found at

      1: what they are calling a T intersection is their planned change, not the existing configuration.

      2: when traffic moves, which is the point…

      3: the “new road” is the ghost of the original frontage road easement, shown in the original plats
      and still visible in (search for 101 cardinal glen, then click on maps) when westerley went in, that easement became obe

  2. looks like it’s inevitable, perhaps even closing sterling boulevard westbound:-\ our supervisor, Koran Saines, wrote on 21/10/27 14:23:

    > Thank you for your feedback. We understand that this proposed change probably is not your preferred choice with no immediate access from Cardinal Glen to turn left to go east onto Route 7 immediately. Rest assured there will be plenty of space to make the turn to go east at Potomac View Road. Home values will continue to increase—look at areas along Route 7 and Route 28 where similar changes already have gone into effect. For instance, the Lexington 7 neighborhood near the old Route 7/Lexington Drive intersection.
    > We will work with staff, though, to see what potential alternatives exist but remember the ultimate goal is to remove lights on Route 7 in Sterling, just as has been done in Ashburn and Leesburg. Traffic is a major problem in the region and there is a trend towards eliminating as many lights as possible to keep traffic flowing. That has succeeded on Route 28 and has paid off on the parts of Route 7 where it already has been done.
    > *Koran T. Saines*
    > Sterling District Supervisor
    > Loudoun County Board of Supervisors
    > tel:703.771.5819 o
    > tel:571.420.3219 m
    > email:
    > 1 Harrison Street, SE 5

    1. > only right turns into CG and right turns out of CG to lessen the car crashes on Rt 7. INSANE!

      actually, there have been many crashes @ our intersection over the years, not just recently: many years ago our neighbors @ 207cgc were crossing rt7 on the green when they were T-boned by a dumptruck with faulty brakes:-\

      of course it will be inconvenient for all 185 cardinal glen households, but so is getting T-boned 7 suffering back pains decades later, and they were lucky…other ppl haven’t been quite so:-\

      and i hear sirens all the time now:-{ welcome to the southern edge of the bos-wash megalopolis;-}

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