2020 Dues Due 15 April

Annual dues for 2020 are $135.00, no increase over last year. Dues are payable on receipt, with an 8% late fee after April 15th, as specified in the Covenants. To view your account ledger, log in to our database.

Please send your check to:

Cardinal Glen Of Sterling HOA
P.O.Box 972
Sterling, VA 20167

or pay online via paypal (plus $4.34 convenience fee):

Please note that amounts other than the full $135 must be paid by check, or by Paypal “Send Money” to “treasurer@cardinalglen.org”
You may also avoid the convenience fee by changing the Paypal “Paying for an item or service” right under the amount to “Sending to a friend”, and be sure to enter your lot number or street address in the note for proper credit.