Architectural Review Application

Last updated 2024-April-17

Please Read All of the Below Carefully

If the change you wish to make is not specifically listed in either of the first two sections below, or if you are in any doubt as to whether your project complies with HOA covenant restrictions and/or architectural rulings, we strongly recommend you submit an , or at the very least send a query, to, so as to avoid a possible violation.

  1. Changes that Require an Architectural Review Application

  2. Changes that Do Not Require an Architectural Review Application

  3. Architectural Rulings for Exterior Color Changes

  4. Architectural Rulings for Fences

  5. Architectural Rulings for a (Permanent or Portable) Fire Pit, Fire Ring, Chiminea, or Outdoor Fireplace

Please download this , follow the directions for completion, and submit it along with the applicable supporting documentation to the Architectural Control Committee using either of the two methods stated on the application. And please pay attention to the statements under IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE! Violations are upsetting to everyone and can prove costly to you to correct.