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Thu Mar 10 15:01:27 EST 2022

Below, please see the reply we received from Saines after he received our
letter opposing the traffic light alterations. We will see if there is
follow through on his promises of the traffic light adjustments being
removed from the proposal, as well as sharing alternatives once they have
been developed.  But hopefully all our efforts are in fact making progress!

Carey and Paul Lavallee

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From: Saines, Koran <Koran.Saines at loudoun.gov>
Date: Wed, Mar 9, 2022 at 3:51 PM
Subject: RE: [EXTERNAL] Letter of concern - Intersection Changes at
Cardinal Glen
To: Carey Stipe Lavallee <cstipelavallee at gmail.com>, BOS <BOS at loudoun.gov>,
Randall, Phyllis <Phyllis.Randall at loudoun.gov>, Masood, Omar <
Omar.Masood at loudoun.gov>, Briskman, Juli <Juli.Briskman at loudoun.gov>, Ivey,
Tianni <Tianni.Ivey at loudoun.gov>
Cc: Paul Lavallee <paullvll at gmail.com>

Good afternoon Carey,

Thanks for your email and the attached letter.

As the Sterling District representative, the safety and wellbeing of
Sterling residents is a top priority for my office. We certainly heard the
community’s feedback and concerns loud and clear when we met a few months
back. Based on the feedback that has been received, the removal of the
traffic signal and implementation of a right in-right out access point has
been removed from the proposal.

County staff and engineers for the Route 7 project are currently working to
reevaluate the intersection and develop new proposals to present to the
Cardinal Glen community. As I have expressed to other Cardinal Glen
residents who have reached out on this issue, once staff has developed new
options to consider, we will indeed follow up with the community. However,
please understand that this will take time as this project is a Countywide
undertaking that will not happen overnight, and we are only in the
beginning stages. Rest assured that when the time comes to present
alternatives, we will be in contact with the community.

Thank you again for your email and for expressing your concerns.

*Koran T. Saines*

Sterling District Supervisor

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors

*P* 703.771.5819 *|* *M* 571.420.3219| Koran.Saines at loudoun.gov
<Koran.saines at loudoun.gov>

1 Harrison Street, SE 5th Floor PO Box 7000 Leesburg, VA 20177

*www.loudoun.gov/sterling <http://www.loudoun.gov/sterling>*

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*From:* Carey Stipe Lavallee <cstipelavallee at gmail.com>
*Sent:* Friday, March 4, 2022 10:44 AM
*To:* Saines, Koran <Koran.Saines at loudoun.gov>; BOS <BOS at loudoun.gov>;
Randall, Phyllis <Phyllis.Randall at loudoun.gov>; Masood, Omar <
Omar.Masood at loudoun.gov>; Briskman, Juli <Juli.Briskman at loudoun.gov>; Ivey,
Tianni <Tianni.Ivey at loudoun.gov>
*Cc:* Paul Lavallee <paullvll at gmail.com>
*Subject:* [EXTERNAL] Letter of concern - Intersection Changes at Cardinal

Dear Supervisor Saines,

Please find our family's letter of concern regarding the proposed changes
to the intersection at Cardinal Glen and Route 7 attached in this email.

We look forward to your follow through with communicating the revised plan,
so that the safety of our neighborhood stays a priority.

Thank you,

Carey and Paul Lavallee

~ Carey
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