[Rt7study] supervisor saines' reply to bahais

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Tue Feb 8 19:03:47 EST 2022

Saines, Koran wrote on 22/02/8 17:54:

  Good evening Esfandiar,

  Thank you for your email.

  The County’s goal for this project to keep Route 7 moving in the 
most efficient way possible. Traffic is a major problem in the region 
and there is a trend towards eliminating as many lights as possible in 
a safe manner to keep traffic flowing. That has succeeded on Route 28 
and has paid off on the parts of Route 7 where it already has been done.

  As the Sterling District representative, the safety and wellbeing of 
Sterling residents is a top priority for my office. I do not take 
efforts like this lightly and there are many factors and communities 
to consider when developing such a robust project. I would like to 
make it clear that the Route 7 project is an ongoing work in progress 
that has not concluded.

  We met with the Cardinal Glen community and heard the community’s 
feedback and concerns, including the traffic signal, loud and clear, 
and we are still working with staff to assess comments and reevaluate 
the improvement plan. Rest assured that the area will be reevaluated, 
and changes will be made where possible.

  This project is a huge undertaking that will not happen 
overnight--we still have a lot of work to do.

  Thank you again for your email and for expressing the Bahá’í 
Center’s concerns. Once we have updates from staff, we will reach out 
to all stakeholders to present an update.

  Koran T. Saines
  Sterling District Supervisor
  Loudoun County Board of Supervisors

  P 703.771.5819 | M 571.420.3219| Koran.Saines at loudoun.gov
  1 Harrison Street, SE 5th Floor PO Box 7000 Leesburg, VA 20177

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