[Rt7study] Bahá’í letter to supervisor saines

to advocate for cardinal glen's continued access to rt7 rt7study at cardinalglen.org
Tue Feb 8 18:58:39 EST 2022

Dear Mr. Saines,

On behalf of your Bahá’í constituents in your district as well as the 
over 600 Bahá’ís residing in Loudoun County and the additional few 
thousands across the region (in addition to the many visitors and 
guests) who congregate and attend events at the Northern Virginia 
Bahá’í Center, we express our concerns about the proposed removal of 
the RT. 7 traffic lights at Cardinal Glen.

We support and are appreciative of the Loudoun BOS’s efforts over the 
past years to improve both the flow and safety of travelling on RT. 7 
and especially the major changes that have been made between RT. 28 
and Leesburg as well as the left turn lane that was modified at the 
traffic light on RT. 7 not that long ago and, based on these many 
improvements, understand the intentions of studying potential 
improvements to RT. 7 through the Sterling and Algonkian districts.

Our concerns are focused specifically on proposed plans to remove the 
traffic light at Cardinal Glen and the effect it will have on those 
congregating and attending events at the Bahá’í Center if there is 
only a right in and right out turn access to and from RT. 7.

We are especially concerned about the significant safety risks and 
inconvenience that may occur should the fully functioning traffic 
light be removed.  This is most troubling to us as we host events 
(e.g., Holy Day Celebrations, Interfaith events, funerals, etc.) which 
often result in 100 or more vehicles exiting the Bahá’í Center in 
close proximity and needing to access RT. 7 in both directions.

Along with our neighbors, the Cardinal Glen Homeowners Association and 
its members, we ask for your support in ensuring that this fully 
functioning traffic light continues to serve Cardinal Glen providing 
safe and convenient access to RT. 7 in both directions.


Esfandiar Aghdassi, Secretary

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