[Rt7study] Rt 7 committee meeting on Nov 15th

to advocate for cardinal glen'scontinued access to rt7 rt7study at cardinalglen.org
Tue Nov 9 21:30:49 EST 2021

hi, roy, i hope you've heard about the plans to alleviate traffic 
congestion thru our stretch of rt7, which may reduce our access to 
right in-right out. (details @ https://cardinalglen.org/take-action-now/).

needless to say, this would be highly inconvenient for all of us.

we hope you & the bahai community will join our committee to advocate 
for our neighborhood's continued access to rt 7, and attend the online 
meeting next monday (details @ 


tom wible
cardinal glen of sterling HOA
treasurer at cardinalglen.org

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