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Eastern Loudoun Neighborhood Watch

The Sterling Park Neighborhood Watch (SPNW) is is now on Facebook.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Fareed Ewaysat or follow us at Eastern Loudoun Neighborhood Watch Neighborhood Watch on Facebook.

The Sterling Park Neighborhood Watch (SPNW)

We’re Here To Help You
Help Your Neighbors

The Sterling Park Neighborhood Watch (SPNW) is our connection to the Loudoun County
Sheriff’s office, and is sometimes our first line of defense. The SPNW is joining forces with the Cardinal Glen HOA to prevent crime, keep our families safe, and provide a healthy environment where everyone can live, work and play.

As part of SPNW, the neighborhood is encouraged to participate in and benefit from a host of programs designed to inform and prepare residents of all ages. We’ll cover preventing auto theft and other crime; how to discourage bullying; proper enforcement of zoning ordinances; maintaining safe routes to and from home, work and school; and the Sheriff’s Office’s rapid reporting system via phone, text and mobile app.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Fareed Ewaysat or follow us at Sterling Park Neighborhood Watch on Facebook.

Sterling Neighborhood Watch and Cardinal Glen:
Taking Pride In a Great Place To Live

SVFC Responds!

IMG_5528The Sterling Volunteer Fire Company responds in force on Cardinal Glen Circle! Good neighbor Craig Brown reports:
“I was in the basement doing hobby stuff and thought I heard some distant sirens out on Rt-7. Odie started to bark a few minutes later. After a bit I went upstairs and saw a big response: two tankers, an ambulance and a ladder truck. It was a suspected chimney fire, nothing showing. The SVFC did a thorough job and nothing was found. On the initial response the tanker closest to me had feeder hoses out and connected to the hydrant. Good job to be prepared; glad fire suppression was not needed! Good boy Odie!”
And that’s why good neighbors SVFCdonate to SVFC!

Private Group

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Sidewalks, Fireplugs Uncleared

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